Farm Pictures Farm Pictures Fall 2007 Farm sign fall decorations 902497 Fall 2007 Our porch in the fall of 2007. 902496 Mares Mares out to pasture 902491 Chicks from Tractor Supply Yes, my first chickens and finally 5 mos later, I am getting eggs! 55195243 Flower garden by our barn 55195246 More Flowers by our run in sheds 55195247 Our cow She decided she liked the backyard under the apple tree 106733299 Buster our farm doggie 106733300 Foal nursery Gypsy Sport Horse weanlings 106733301 Paint mares Colorful sweet girls:) 106733302 Fields Overlooking pastures from back of barn and house 106733303 Sunflowers On the pile, they love horse manure:) 106733304 Mare/foal paddocks backside of barn and house 106733305 Mare/foal paddocks backside of barn and house 106733306 Mares grazing 106733307 Mares awaiting lunch 106733308 Beautiful Pepper 106733309 Princess 106733310 Shyanne 106733311 Sunflowers and corn 106733312 Mares 106733313 Molly the calf Surprise calf, we had no idea our cow was pregnant when we got her:) 106733314 Beautiful faces Cinderella and Caesar 106733315 Mare/foal paddocks with sheds water, lights to all sheds 108207471 the last mare/foal paddock we built 108207472 Mare hotel Outside Gypsy mare with "hay do":) 108207475