Gypsy Heritage ~n~ Sport Horses Gypsy Heritage ~n~ Sport Horses Brittany and her mum! Leah our 50% Gypsy Sport Horse mare by Duke and her first filly, Sired by our past Gypsy stallion Robyn Hood:) 121760744 Brittany 75% Gypsy Sport Horse Our first 3/4 Gypsy filly is born, shown at 5 days old 121760743 Brittany, stunning mover. shown at 5 days old 121760745 Leah half Gypsy in foal with 3/4 Gypsy 112872475 Leah and Libby in foal for early 2011 112872476 Leah Half Gypsy by Duke two and a half yrs old 112157615 Libby half Gypsy in foal with 3/4 Gypsy 112872477 Tucker newborn Half Gypsy by Duke 112872479 Tucker Half Gypsy 112872478 Selena Half Gypsy by Duke 112872481 Selena newborn Half Gypsy 112872482 Sabrina Half Gypsy by Duke newborn 112873314 Sabrina and Selena Half Gypsys 112873315 Avada Half Gypsy by Duke 112873317 Scout Half Gypsy by Duke Picture courtesy of Elizabeth 112873318 Scout Half Gypsy Picture courtesy of Elizabeth 112873319 Scout Half Gypsy Picture courtesy of Elizabeth 112873320 Bailey Half Gypsy by Duke 112873322 Bailey and Mum 112873321 Caesar Half Gypsy by Duke 112873323 Caesar Half Gypsy 112873324 Caesar Half Gypsy 112873316 Penelope 75% Gypsy filly 123235843 Penelope having fun 123235844 Penelope's beautiful blue eye:) 123235845 Golden Secret 2012 Buckskin Gyosy Sport Horse filly. 158736014 Cody 2012 Blk/Wht Gypsy Sport Horse colt. 158736015 Leonitis 2012 Tri-Color Gypsy Sport Horse colt. 158736016