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I am finally going to retire altogether from my Farm and Horses, I have added the last of my keepers for sale to the best of homes. Every fairy tale has an ending, I have lived the dream and now offer good people a chance to live the dream too. For your consideration, I offer some outstanding Gypsies, don't miss out on the chance to bring home a wonderful new family member, you will never regret

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At Running Wind Farms I have had the privilege of having Gypsy Horses in my life since 2004 when I imported my first couple of mares and a weanling colt who I raised that matured into the most handsome sweetest Stallion "The Duke of Running Winds". Since I have been blessed to own many of these beautiful horses over the years, studied lines, the quality, searched high and low for what I wanted within my breeding program. I had some amazing years with some of the most gorgeous horses in the World!

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             Traditional Gypsy Horses, Foundation Type at it's best within their Breeding!   


                                                                            "The Duke of Running Winds"



                                       A Bit of information on Gypsy Horses ~

They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are many "names" associated with this breed of horse (Irish Cobs, Tinkers, Gypsy Cobs, Gypsy Vanners, Gypsy Horses, Coloured Cobs, etc.) bottom line is that they are the same horses with different names depending on the region, the registry and the people referring to them.

Remember- a DRUM Horse is not a purebred Gypsy, Drum Horses are made up of a Gypsy crossed with a Shire or Clyde or Friesian. You will only find purebred Gypsy Horses on our web site.


Gypsy Horses have been bred by the Gypsy Families, the Traveling folk in the United Kingdom for a particular "type" for generations. When you hear people refer to a "Traditional" or "Proper" Gypsy Horse/Cob they mean their horses have the build, bone, temperament and hair they originally bred for and they are true to type, reproducing the same type consistently for generations. This horse evolved from many generations of selective breeding by the true Gypsy breeders and Romany folk in the UK. This horse is strong, baroque, sensible, docile and gentle. They are one of the most loyal horses being incredibly hard working as well as beautiful equines. They exhibit extreme hair/feather. They come in many colors and patterns, the black/white tobiano pattern became the most popular but other colors/patterns are coming back and are highly prized by those that desire more coat colors. We personally are most taken with black/white aka Piebald as they are just striking. We proudly have two foals born 2016 that are superb quality with a different color. Check them out on our Gypsy Horse page.


These horses are magical to look at and something in a dream...being in their presence is one of life's most beautiful moments are they inspire confidence and beauty. Very few ever exhibit a bad disposition, this breed is bred to be calm in nature and are generally easy going and willing to please. The trust and mutual affection between these horses and their owners is indeed one of life's most precious experiences! We are thrilled to have added Gypsy Horses to our lives and we know you will be too. Ride and Drive horses for the whole family as part of the family, we welcome you to share in a dream come true...



Do not let those fool you by the talks that the Gypsy Horses are different, that the name or registry makes the difference. Do your homework, check out the bloodlines and background of these horses and you will find that it is true, they are all the same Gypsy horse descending from the same foundation bloodlines and Imported from most of the same original Gypsy Horse breeders and lines.

Like within any breed, there are those that strive to have and produce quality horses and those that may get their hands on some that don't reproduce themselves and of lesser quality. We here at RWF strive for quality all around, from head to tail to hoof with known traditional bloodlines and/or from well known Gypsy Breeders across the pond with quality stock, our first Gypsy's were imported directly from England (with the wonderful help of BFSGH) and we could not be more thrilled with all of them that have blessed our lives.


            (One of our first Imports above in February 2005, now known as Gypsy Wind and our lovely Emma's dam)

Here at Running Wind Farms, we have done our homework, we have researched bloodlines and have collected over the past thirteen years top quality Gypsy Horses to ensure in our program that we will best serve all of you by producing only the best to continue here in the States what the original breeders spent lifetimes successfully achieving. We have in the past carried on their Legacy here in the States as they have blessed us with a phenomenal breed of horse! Many thanks to the Gypsies and their pride of their Horses we have come to know one of the sweetest, hairiest and most beautiful horse as the Gypsy and this horse has captivated our hearts! We have scaled down with our herd size for the next couple of years, we will only be possibly breeding for one or two foals some years but have not compromised the quality of what we produce or offer. With years of breeding Gypsies, our limited foals born here we have well planned the pairings for the best quality for foals born on our farm. See our Gypsy Horse page (link on the navigation bar above) to have a look at our Gypsies and possibly to offer.                                              

Got Feather?

   Got  Hair? 


"Shakira" 2016's Silver Dapple Palomino Sabino Gypsy Filly

Got Quality? 

Without Doubt!

"Ado" 2016's Silver Dapple w/Cream Tobiano Gypsy Colt

Got Temperament?

For Sure!

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